About Us

Dual Seal Glass Limited started business in 1995 when father and son David and Nigel Meredith decided to create a Huddersfield based company strategically developed  to supply a local market with insulating glass units incorporating a unique Low E soft coat product newly available to the industry at this time. This decision immediately placed Dual Seal Glass as a market leader in product choice which was linked with an ethos of quality and service that has carried through to the present day.

Continued expansion in sales meant a move to larger premises was needed, and in 2000 Dual Seal Glass moved to its current location at Leeds Road Huddersfield. The expansion brought with it investment in cutting and tempering facilities all of which were capable of processing the latest technology in soft coat glasses.

Automated IGU production lines were next on the agenda and in 2004 the first robot line was introduced which coincided with a strategic move into the commercial insulating glass sector. Successful partnerships were developed with both European and UK manufacturers of high performance solar coated glasses, all of which remain in place today. These supply chain agreements established Dual Seal Glass as one of the UK’s most recognised independent manufacturers of commercial insulating glass units with a credibility for maintaining a progressive outlook in a very complex market.

Additional bays were added in 2009 to accommodate an investment of £1.5million on automated 3210 x 6000 jumbo glass cutting equipment, followed in 2011 with a further £1.5 million investment on the latest generation of glass toughening furnaces. During this period the automated unit lines were developed to accommodate the overall increase in our glass manufacturing capability and future proof the Company to meet the changing market trends for more specialist high performance coatings which demand maximum visible light whilst reducing potential heat gain.

The Meredith family are still heavily involved in the business and they drive the strategic development of the company alongside a strong industry experienced management team, each experts in there specialist operations. The bedrock of the Company is now supported by a policy of continuous investment in people, technology and systems together with overriding principles of excellent customer service and quality.