General Disclaimer:

The information presented on this website incorporates general descriptions of Dual Seal Glass products incorporating glass from the major glass manufacturers.  It is the responsibility of the users of this information to ensure that the intended application of any Dual Seal Glass product is appropriate and complies with all relevant laws, regulations, standards, codes of practices and other requirements. Please contact the Dual Seal Glass technical advice office, your local representative or use the relevant pages on the web site to obtain any applicable handling and fabrication guides and for the most current product information.


Glass performance values:

All performance values are calculated in accordance with EN410 and EN673, subject to fabrication tolerances.  The unit configuration for each set of performance figures is 6/16/6 Argon 80% unless specified otherwise.


Consultancy, reports, training and calculation results:

The information contained in the publications, data and technical reports, training and other materials is of general nature, without Dual Seal Glass Ltd being responsible for its completeness. Application of such information is at users' discretion and responsibility.


Colour deviations:

Dual Seal Glass is making best efforts to provide images of the DUALTHERM and DUALSPAN products depicting their colours as accurately as possible. However, due to differences in, among others, computer and monitor settings, certain variations in colours may occur.


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